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News | May 20 2022

Casas de Hualdo Begins Exporting its Quesos de Hualdo Cheeses

Exports to Norway are already underway, and other markets expected to open up in the near future include the US, Japan, and France

Casas de Hualdo has launched a selection of new raw milk cheese, Quesos de Hualdo, on the Spanish market at the end of 2021.

Made using its band of carefully selected Manchega sheep, which yield an extremely high quality milk, the company employs the latest technology to create unique cheeses with outstanding aromas and complexities. This includes semi-soft, semi-cooked, hard, and blue cheeses, all produced by this “contemporary artisan cheesemaker.” The company's objective with this innovative project is to produce top-flight cheeses that become a reference not only for Manchego cheese, but for other varieties as well.

Quesos de Hualdo factory

Although this is a new project, international exports are already under way, starting with Norway. Other markets are expected to open up in the near future, including France, Japan, and the US. Importers from those countries visited the company’s facilities to better understand the cheesemaking process and the quality standards the company has in place. Casas de Hualdo is confident that its delicious cheese will eventually reach a wide variety of countries, especially since its extra virgin olive oils are extremely popular among international consumers and are exported to more than 35 countries. The Toledo-based company also grows organic fruits and vegetables. The company is fully committed to sustainability and all of its products are produced with quality and innovation in mind, and also respect for the environment. In the past, they have also partnered with Chef Jose Andrés to release editions of their olive oils in US market.

Quesos de Hualdo
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