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Paco & Lola: Intelligent design


Paco & Lola: Intelligent design

Modernity, originality, dynamism and intelligence are the keys to...

Bodegas Hidalgo – La Gitana: The heart and soul of Manzanilla


Bodegas Hidalgo – La Gitana: The heart and soul of Manzanilla

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, the Cádiz town where Bodegas Hidalgo-La...

Mas Doix, Priorat at its very best


Mas Doix, Priorat at its very best

The owners of bodega Mas Doix have family ties with viticulture ...

Bodegas Piqueras: from Almansa to the Rest of the World


Bodegas Piqueras: from Almansa to the Rest of the World

Bodegas Piqueras was founded almost a century ago, in 1915, at a...

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Vidal Soblechero, top-of-the-range Tinta Fina and Verdejo wines


The Vidal Soblechero bodega is located in the Valladolid town of La Seca, in the middle of the Castilla-León plateau; a family-run business which has focused all its energies on getting the very best out of the uniqueness particular to the Tinta Fina and Verdejo grape varieties grown in this region under DO Rueda. Vidal Soblechero’s philosophy is based on organic vineyard husbandry carried out by simply adhering to traditional cultivation techniques and low-yield production, as well as always giving priority to quality when it comes to winemaking. This bodega is also a pioneer in making natural icewine, thanks to the region’s extreme weather conditions and the introduction of Tinta Fina vineyards in Rueda.

Bodegas Vidal Soblechero has a long winemaking history under its belt, which spans several generations of viticulturists and winemakers. The bodega was founded in 1999 by Claudio Vidal Obregón, a pioneer viticulturist in the introduction of the Tinta Fina grape variety in Rueda, who decided to use his extensive vineyard know-how to make quality wines primarily using Tinta Fina and Verdejo grapes and by employing a painstaking selection and treatment of the plants themselves. Currently, the bodega is managed by Claudio’s children, Alicia and Vidal Vidal, managing director and technical manager respectively, who are carrying on with the project started by their father by following the same philosophy of quality.

The bodega is located in La Seca, in the Castilla-León province of Valladolid, the cradle of the Verdejo grape variety, within the limits of DO Rueda. The region’s extreme climate is typical of the plateau, with dramatic contrasts between day and night temperatures, a phenomenon which benefits the ripening process. In addition, the fact that the soils are generally located on stony terraces allows the sun to warm up the stones during the day and then for the stored up heat to be released at night, which helps the grapes to reach a point of optimum phenolic ripening. In addition, the average altitude of 750 metres above sea-level together with the extreme continental climate means that the vineyards hardly ever suffer sanitary problems.


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