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Spanish DO wine export sales register almost €1 billion in terms of value

In 2011 the growth rate for DO wine exports was 17.1 per cent by volume and 15.6 per cent by value, representing record figures


The UK in terms of value and Germany in terms of volume are Spain’s most important customers

The UK in terms of value and Germany in terms of volume are Spain’s most important customers

Spanish DO still wine exports registered 381.2 million litres for the value of €969.3 million in 2011; representing an increase of 17.1 and 15.6 per cent respectively according to figures analysed by the Spanish Wine Market Supervisory Board (OeMv).

Last year a significant increase in Spanish exports was registered in bulk and non-DO wine sales, however it was also an important year for DO wine sales, which registered record figures. In fact, export sales for this type of wine represented 43.3 per cent of total wine sales exported by Spain in 2011 in terms of value and 17 per cent in terms of volume.

Furthermore, if the figures for DO still wines were added to those for DO sparkling wines and liqueurs (such as fortified wines), the figures for 2011 would give a total of €1.4 billion and 563 million litres. If this were the case then it could be said that DO wines sales represent 63.4 per cent by value and a quarter of the total volume sold in 2011.

Focusing on the analysis of DO still wines, when it comes to colour 84.1 per cent by value and 80.4 per cent by volume in sales correspond to reds and rosés, albeit sales for every category increased in 2011 over the figures from 2010: whites were up 15.8 per cent by value and 15 per cent by volume, while reds and rosés were up 15.9 per cent by value and 17.4 per cent by volume.

By Autonomous Region, La Rioja leads the ranking in terms of value with 22.7 per cent of the total, followed by Catalonia (15.4 per cent) and the Basque Country (12.2 per cent), while in terms of volume Castilla-La Mancha heads the list with 17.8 per cent of the total, followed by La Rioja (15.6 per cent) and Valencia (14.8 per cent).

As to markets, the UK is Spain’s number one destination country for DO still wine exports in terms of value, registering €171.6 million, followed by Germany with €152.9 million, and the US with €125.6 million. A point to note is the increase in Spanish wine export sales to China, with a turnover of €32.9 million and a 119.3 per cent increase which puts the Asian giant in 7th place on the list.

As regards volume, Germany heads the list with a total of 83.8 million litres of exports, followed by the UK with 72.7 million litres, an important increase of 26.2 per cent. The US is
again in 3rd place with 34.8 million litres. Also important to highlight is the 83.6 per cent increase registered in China with a total of 13.6 million litres. Another important increase was also registered on the North American market, not only in the US, up 13 per cent, but also in Canada, with an increase of 23.6 per cent.

In summary, Spanish wine sales are targeted at concentrated markets, some of which registered slow but steady growth-rates in 2011, the so-called mature markets, while, in contrast, other markets are registering very rapid growth, one of the most important being China.


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