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Spanish wine sales in Russia break €100 million barrier for first time

Spain renews its position as the Russian market’s most important wine supplier by volume


Spanish exports grew above average in every category

Spanish exports grew above average in every category

Russia imported 152.7 million litres of Spanish wine for the value of €100.2 million in 2011. The figures published by the Russian Customs and Excise authorities and analysed by the Spanish Wine Market Supervisory Board (OeMv) represent an increase of 14.3 and 31.9 per cent, respectively. As a result, Spain has renewed its position as Russia’s leading wine supplier in terms of volume surpassing the €100 million barrier for the first time in its history.

In general terms, last year the Russian Federation reduced the volume of imported wine by 5 per cent, dropping the figure slightly to just under 500 million litres, although the rise in average price per litre increased the figure in terms of value by 14.6 per cent, registering the maximum turnover to date of €690.5 millions.

By product type, 2011 was an exceptional year for bulk wine sales to Russia. In contrast to the general downward trend registered in this type of wine sales, Spanish bulk wine sales increased 17 per cent to 118 million litres despite the rise in average price per litre of 16.5 per cent, the highest since 2008, which provoked a substantial rise in turnover of €48.6 million, 36.5 per cent more than 2010.

The price increase also registered by bottled wine did not however present an obstacle for Spain which exported 13.8 per cent more by volume than in 2010, 33.2 million litres, boosting the turnover figure by 27 per cent, representing €48 million. As regards sparkling wine, Spain managed to double the turnover registered in 2010 with a figure of €3.4 million in 2011, and exceeded the million-litre mark for the first time in sparkling wine exports to Russia, occupying fourth place behind Italy, France and Ukraine.

In a nutshell, Spanish wine sales grew above average in every category, revalidating Spain’s its position as Russia’s most important supplier in terms of volume and third in terms of value.

The next promotion event of our wines in this country will be the 8th Spanish Wine Showroom in Russia, to be held in Moscow on October 30 and in St. Petersburg on November 1.


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